Final round of S3 and prizes from Silver Hotel & Gokart Center


Season 3 gave us plenty of superb on-track action, now, our Sponsor Silver Hotel & Gokart Center Szczecin wants to make it even more exciting! Winners of the final round at Bathurst (from every server) will receive vouchers for karting rides at best karting track in Poland.

BRONZE - 3x 10 minutes vouchers,

SILVER - 3x 10 minutes vouchers + balaclava,

GOLD - 5x 10 minutes vouchers + balaclava,

PLATINUM - 5x 10 minutes vouchers + balaclava + two person entry to wellness/spa zone.

Thank you Silver Hotel & Gokart Center, we're sure the winners will be keen to use those vouchers!

...there's also a gift for those who can get very precise laptimes. Driver, whose time at the end of PreQ will follow the format x:xx.329 will also receive 3x 10 minutes vouchers. Only the decimals matter. This is the reference to the track's opening date: March 29th. In case when two people will end up with time following such format - the quicker one wins, in case of a draw - more valid laps will determine the winner. If we'll have a draw at this point (really?) timestamp will decide - whoever posted that time earlier.

If nobody will get such time on PreQ board - don't worry - we have a backup plan, but - it's a backup. Go for it now!


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