Privacy policy


§.1 General

  1. Collected data is administered by Andrzej Wasielewski, ROS founder. Data protection complies with EU regulations about processing and storage on secure servers.
  2. To make this Privacy Policy more user friendly and easy to understand the term "User" is replaced with "You". "Administrator" is replaced with "we" or "ROS". The term GDPR/RODO represents EU Parliament Regulation 2016/679 from 27 April 2016. 
  3. We are respecting your privacy and we're doing all we can to keep your data safe. For example all traffic to and from our website is using encrypted connection (SSL)

§2. Data Administrator

  1. We are the administrator of our clients/registered users data. If you register and account with us we'll have to access some of the info such as: SteamID, nick, IP address.
  2. In case of payment made, additional information will have to be stored and processed by us. This includes: transaction ID, payment value, or email address if payment was made via PayPal. We also have to link that data to your ROS account to provide the service.
  3. In case of connecting your ROS account with ROS Discord channel we have to store and link your Discord User ID.
  4. We can also capture other data such as IP address, web browser, language, operating system, ISP name, time and date of request, partial geolocation data or any information, submitted via contact form.
  5. Your data is processed:
    1. in line with data protection regulation,
    2. in line with this Privacy Policy,
    3. to allow us to provide the service to you as agreed.
  6. To contact the administrator of your data please email: [email protected]
  7. We reserve the right to process some of required data after you asked to remove it. This is to ensure historic league tables for example are unaffected. We won't be using such data for anything other than essential activities. 
  8. We reserve the right to share your information with legal organs (such as Police) upon their request and when any legal requirements to share such data are shared.
  9. We are not sharing your data to others. This is one of our fundamental principles.
  10. We've implemented pseudonimisation, data encryption and we have data access process to minimise any data safety risk.
  11. Your data is processed by authorised people only who need such access. For example developers might need it to develop new website features.

§3. Cookies

  1. When visiting we'll try to use cookies. Cookies are small text files set by the server and kept by your browser. When you revisit the site, cookies can be read by the server. Cookies generally help to handle continuous visits, sessions and some parts of authorisation. 

  2. Cookies and other captured data are used to provide you with the service. We have analytics package - Google Analytics - to anonymously capture visit trends and to give us insight into how our website is used.
    Cookies are used to identify user (session handling) and to tailor the contents to their needs.

  3. We are using two types of cookies:
    1. „required” cookies - these are allowing us to provide you with the service, such as Steam auth cookies to handle login ins and user access;
    2. „analytics” cookies, to help us gather anonymous information about how you're using our service:

      __utma is a persistent cookie,  which expires after two years. It stores each user's amount of visits, the time of the first visit, the previous visit and the current visit.  
      __utmb and __utmc cookies work in tandem to calculate the length of a user’s visit. __utmb cookie registers the entrance time of a visitor and __utmc registers the exit time of a visitor. __utmb is a session cookie, and expires when the user leaves the page. __utmc expires a short time after the user’s visit ends. 
      __utmz is a persistent cookie, which expires after six months. __utmz stores where a visitor came from (search engine, search keyword, link).

  4. You can manage your cookie settings via the browser settings - here's the link to guide you through the settings in different browsers: