What is ACEM?

ACEM is a handy app written by one of our members - Golomp, which helps with downloading all ROS content without downloading bulky zip files and manually extracting its contents. It checks what content you already have and allows you to download what's missing only (and lets you choose whether you want to sync it or not). Top class.

How to use ACEM?

Go to Settings tab and check whether path to Assetto Corsa folder is set correctly and service URL is set  to http://republicofsimracers.com/rosm
Then reload the app and the sync should begin.

What do I need to have to start racing with you?

You'll need to have Steam version of Assetto Corsa with DLC's required by specific event you want to participate. Some require no DLC, some require plenty. Check requirements before you join the event.


How to sign up?

Select the event that you want to join. On the homepage either click the tile with event or go to  EVENTS and pick one from the list.
On the event page, click the SIGN UP button.

In the popup you'll be asked to provide:

  • Name to display
  • Driver number
  • A car you want to drive

Additionally you can join an existing team there or create a new one. Don't worry, you can always create/join team later.


How to watch replays?

Download the reference replay (so everyone have the same timestamps) and save it in My Documents\Assetto Corsa\replays folder. To open it up and play you have to watch it in game. If you're using Content Manager, select Media tab, then replays and select the replay you want to watch. Open it up by clicking Play.
In Kunos' launcher, open up the game go to Replay section, pick the replay you want to play and click LOAD


Where can I find my iRacing Customer ID?

You can find your iRacing Customer ID on your account's page.

Any more questions?

Ask us on our Discord!