Racing regulations


  1. General terms
    1. Republic of Simracers (ROS) is a virtual simracing league.
    2. Republic of Simracers is registered in Great Britain and owned by Andrzej Wasielewski.
    3. By registering on ROS webpage you confirm that you're accepting the terms as well as our privacy policy.

  2. Definitions
    1. Republic of Simracers (ROS) – name of the league.
    2. Founder – owner of ROS, responsible for running the league and dealing with any high level decision making.
    3. Administration – people chosen by Founder, that help running the league and making league decisions. In the event of long-term (day or more) absence of a Founder, the decisions made by Administration (moderators, counsel etc.) are binding as if they were made by the Founder.
    4. Drivers – participants of the ongoing race season.
    5. Pre-qualifying (PreQ) – pre-race session in which the drivers are required to carry out the required number of valid laps to be able to participate in the official league race.
    6. Stewards – chosen people responsible for judging over the incidents reported by drivers.
    7. Season – time span in which drivers are able to participate in league races, with preordained cars on scheduled tracks.
    8. Event/Race - part of the Season. Usually comprises of official training, qualifying and race (or multiple races) during one day.
    9. Time – Every mention of time in the rules or our website refers to Central European Time (CET/CEST) unless otherwise stated.

  3. Rules of league entry
    1. Everyone is allowed to register in the league, providing that the participant is 18 years old or older. Anyone below age 16 must have parent’s consent to sign up to the league.
    2. People that are not barred by the Founder/Administration to participate in the league, are allowed to take part in it.
    3. It is forbidden (but not limited) to:
      1. Register other accounts than the original one in order to bypass a ban that was given out by the Founder/Administration.
      2. Drive under someone else's name during any official session, including, but not limited to pre-qualifying session, qualifying session and race.
      3. Modify mods that are used during the race season or the contents of the game Assetto Corsa to gain an advantage over other participants. (It is allowed to install extra cars or tracks or skins, but forbidden to modify the local conditions in a way that they would be different for one person.)
    4. Drivers are required to use car the've signed up with during all official sessions within the season. Drivers can change the car only until the end of prequalifying session before their first race in that season.
    5. Drivers must use their recognised online name. Team tags and colours may change, but using someone else’s, or a vulgar name is dishonest and unsportsmanlike and strictly prohibited.
    6. Drivers are able to cancel their participation from the league or season at any time, but if they sign out during the ongoing season, they may not be able to sign up again to that season. Exceptions from that rule can be made only by Founder/Administration.

  4. Racing rules
    1. General
      1. All drivers are required to adhere to clean racing rules outlined here:
      2. Drivers are responsible for respecting driving lines of other drivers and leaving necessary space where overlap exists.
      3. Drivers with ping higher than 150ms or instable Internet connection (visibly lagging) might be disconnected from the session by the event organiser.

    2. Qualifying
      1. Qualifying session starts on the race day at 20:40 and is 20 minutes long.
      2. If KMR is used and detects the cut, drivers are required to abandon the lap so it won't count as their best. They can do it by slowing down in a safe manner or make a deliberate track cut resulting in in-game cut message and lap invalidation message. Drivers caught by not following this rule will be penalised.
      3. During qualifying session drivers that are on "outlap" are obliged to make space for drivers that are on "flying lap". If a driver will not abide by this rule a penalty might be issued when accident is reported and documented.
      4. Using 'Back to pits' option is prohibited, except when the car is stationary in its own pit box area or in pit lane level with the driver's pit box. If a driver will be found using this option outside pit boxes and then continuing the session (driving out of the pits), will be penalised.
      5. If during the qualifying session, the car will suffer major damage, driver is obliged to drive back to the pits in a manner that won't disturb other drivers on the track. If a car is impossible to drive back to the pits (destroyed engine, suspension etc.) and driver uses 'back to pits' option, such driver can't go back to the track and must wait until the end of the session.

    3. Race
      1. To get points at the end of the race, driver has to drive at least 90% of the distance that was done by the race leader, rounded down.
      2. During overtaking - defender is allowed one direction change. Change of direction during braking is prohibited.
      3. Yellow flag requires drivers to drive with extra caution. Causing an avoidable collision during a yellow flag might be penalised by stewards.
      4. Blue flag warns about being lapped. Drivers are then required to give the space at the nearest convenient space when it's safe to do so.

  5. Teams
    1. Drivers able to create teams can do so. Each team must have 2 or 3 drivers to be included in official listings.
    2. Entire team should have similar car livery for easy identification during the race.
    3. Entire team must use the same car.

  6. Custom car liveries
    1. Livery cannot contain elements that are considered offensive, illegal or inappropriate.
    2. ROS bears no responsibility for the display of brands or from the use of any of such products on user submitted car liveries. No claim or compensation demand and/or legal proceedings of personal sponsors related to the use of the distinguishing marks in connection with the ROS will be considered.

  7. Points and scoring
    1. Winner of the season will be the driver with the highest number of points after deducting all penalties after all races are concluded.
    2. In case of a points draw the driver with a higher track position in a last round will be the winner.

  8. Penalties
    1. Penalties are given out by the panel of Stewards.
    2. Drivers can report another driver for collision or unsporty behaviour. A valid report must contain a detailed description of the incident, reasoning and link to game replay file containing incident and at least 30s before and after for Stewards to review. A link to additional video material is welcome.
    3. It's reporter's responsibility to ensure the incident report is correct and contain truthful representation of the incident and accurate description along with the list of rules infringed by reported driver. Incorrect reports might be closed without resolving by stewards. Abusing reporting system might result in appending the penalty to the reporter.
    4. We allow 20 seconds discrepancies between reported timestamp and one on the replay.
    5. When replay files are not provided by Organiser, it's Driver's responsibility to provide the replay file containing at least 1 minute before and after the incident. Failing to provide the replay means the incident cannot be verified and resolved.
    6. Incidents can be reported within 48h from race finish and can be submitted only through official form on ROS' website.
    7. Penalty points that will be given out to Drivers, will add up throughout the whole season.
    8. If a Driver gets a penalty, the amount of points that was given out will also reduce Driver's amount of points in 1:1 ratio.
    9. Depending on the severity of the incident, penalties and penalty points might be stacked up and sum presented.
    10. Stewards have the right to classify certain incidents differently than it's written above as some accidents are not always fitting in those frames. The amount of PP that the Driver will get is based solely on the judgement of the Stewards.
    11. Penalties given out by the Stewards may alternate between warning and disqualification. (DSQ must be approved by the Founder)
    12. Drivers have the right to appeal the the given penalty, at the maximum of 48 hours from the release of incident rulings.
    13. It is forbidden to report incidents if the situation does not include the reporter (however, players from the same team may be the exception).
    14. In case of double races the referees may impose an additional penalty if a competitor in R1 on L1 commits a big incident and does it again in R2 on L1.
    15. Stewards will give penalties for No Show
      1. 1 DNS - 10p 
      2. 2 DNS - DQ for the next race
      3. 3 DNS - Exclusion from the season + consequences

    16.  Race penalty tariff
      Dangerous return to the track (8)
      First or formation lap (8)
      Lags / network issues (5)
      Pushing from the track (4)
      Dangerous defensive manoeuvre (4)
      Dangerous driving under yellow flags (6)
      Small car damage (1)
      Moderate car damage (3)
      Great car damage (5)
      Losing 1-2 track positions (1)
      Losing 3-4 track positions (3)
      Losing 5 or more track positions (5)
      Losing 1-3 seconds (1)
      Losing 3-6 seconds (3)
      Losing 6 or more seconds (5)
      Unexplained drive-thru / DNF by KMR
      Ignoring blue flags (5)
      Illegal waving during formation lap (3)
      Crossing the pit line during the pit-entry/pit-exit with 2-wheels (2)
      Crossing the pit line during the pit-entry/pit-exit with all wheels (4)
      Using Back To Pits during race
      Overtaking during formation lap (5)
      Reversing the vehicle in order to take pitstop
      Light Contact (1)
      Medium Contact (3)
      Heavy Contact (5)
      Dangerous offensive manoeuvre (5)
      Incorrect report
      Using Back To Pits during qualifying (In the PIT) ( 3)
      Using Back To Pits during qualifying (On the Track) ( 10 )

  1. Thresholds for penalties
    1. The penalty thresholds are as follows:
      - 30 - no entry in the qualification
      - 60 - no race entry
      - 90 - no entry in the qualification
      - 120 - disqualification from the season
    2. Participation in Q despite the ban results in a DQ from the round and an automatic Q ban on the next race.
    3. The ban on Q/R applies to the next race in which the competitor takes part. Leaving the round does not count as a penalty. If the penalty relates to Q the competitor must finish the race.
    4. The administration can postpone the penalties until the next season if the driver does not appear in the next races.

  2. Communication
    1. It is recommended that drivers that partake in a race were present on a Discord server during race time. Presence on voice channel is optional, but encouraged.
    2. Terms of use of a discord server can be found on Discord in the channel #regulamin/rules.
    3. During race and qualifying sessions, Drivers that are present on the voice channel, should limit their talking to absolute minimum. Screaming, and making other unexpected noises might result in a ban from voice channels.

  3. Final provisions
    1. In the event of situations that weren't described in this document, decision may be made by Founder/Administration.
    2. This terms can also be altered, timestamp of the last change made is shown below.
    3. In case when these racing regulations are in conflict with specific season regulations - season regulations are taking priority.

Terms above are extended by platform specific regulations:

Assetto Corsa Regulations

Assetto Corsa Competizione Regulations

Terms agreed and added on 04.06.2021 by Founder.