Assetto Corsa Regulations


  1. Rules of league entry
    1. Before every league race, drivers are obliged to participate in pre-qualifying session to determine the correct assignment to servers based on fastest valid times during prequalifying session.
    2. To be entered to the race, driver must have at least 10 valid laps completed - please see pre-qualifying table on the website. Please note, Stracker or vanilla laps might not count as valid - it's KMR that validates the laps.
    3. Start of Pre-qualifying session will be announced on ROS' website
    4. Current prequalifying results and provisional server allocation will be show at the relevant event page on ROS' website.
    5. Pre-qualifying session are ending as per Season calendar (usually ending at 23:59.59 CET/CEST on the day before the official race). Laptimes made after that time, even when PreQ server is operating won't be included in PreQ results table.
    6. Official Qualifying session determines the starting grid. It starts as per event schedule on race day. Unless the event terms doesn't says otherwise (usually start at 20:40 and lasts for 20 mins).
  2. Racing rules
    1. General
      1. To participate in ROS' races, every driver is required to install and turn on certain apps, listed below:
        Helicorsa/Car Radar. (Drivers that use VR are not required to have this mod activated, however it’s still advised to have it on)
        CrewChief - for VR users, however non-VR drivers can also massively benefit from using it.
      2. Track limits during all sessions including PreQ are managed and verified by KMR server side. Exceeding the limits is displayed amongst other server messages at the top of the screen. It's useful to install our KMR client app which shows the number of cuts permanently on screen.
    2. Prequalifying
      1. During pre-qualifying, drivers that are on "outlap" are required to give space for drivers that are on "flying lap". If a driver will not abide by this rule a penalty might be issued when accident is reported and documented. Reporter of the incident is required to supply the appropriate documentation including replay of the incident.
    3. Qualifying
      1. If KMR is used and detects the cut, drivers are required to abandon the lap so it won't count as their best. They can do it by slowing down in a safe manner or make a deliberate track cut resulting in in-game cut message and lap invalidation message. Drivers caught by not following this rule will be penalised.
      2. If during the qualifying session, the car will suffer major damage, driver is obliged to drive back to the pits in a manner that won't disturb other drivers on the track. If a car is impossible to drive back to the pits (destroyed engine, suspension etc.) and driver uses 'back to pits' option, such driver can't go back to the track and must wait until the end of the session.
    4. Race
      1. In the event of a false start, driver is obliged to do a 'drive through' through a pitlane during first 3 laps.
      2. Using ‘Back to pits’ is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification from session. In case when the car is damaged or out from the track that it can't continue or similar, the driver should leave the session and finish it with DNF. It's allowed to use BTP after crossing the finish line after final lap of the race.
      3. KMR allows for 6 track cuts. Any further cuts will require a drive-thru within 3 laps counting from the first exceeding cut.

  3. Custom car liveries
    1. Custom car livery must have the visible ROS numberplate on both front doors/sides.
    2. Livery should also contain logo ROS.
    3. File with the car skin may not be bigger than 5MB after compressing and 10MB after unpacking.
  4. Penalties
    1. Penalties can be awarded by Race Control during the live session. Such penalties must be taken before session ends, or the penalty message says otherwise. Failing to clear the penalty as per instructions will result in a penalty after the race.

Above Terms are extension of the Racing Regulations. All rules written in Racing Regulations document are still applying to this event. In case of a rules conflict, rules written in above AC Regulations are taking priority.

Read ROS Racing Regulations

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