Half way there


PLExROS TCR Cup at Red Bull ring reached crucial half mark. During the break between races we've had a chat with Dominik Blajer - driver of DV1 Triton Racing and leader of general standings. Let's see what his view is on this popular series.

Republic of Simracers : Can you shed some light on the last race's fight?
Dominik Blajer: The plan was to reach as high place as possible in both races and increase the lead in global standings. First race I was starting from 4th. Most of the race I've been behind Wiktor [Smolarczyk, teammate]. We've been communicating and I was the rear guard :D Later, when Wiktor was overtaking Mateusz I've managed to capitalise on his slow exit speed and overtook him at a very difficult place. Thanks to Wiktor I was able to win the race when he let me past, for which move I'm grateful. Second race was more of a survival game, with aim to finish as high as possible. Despite avoiding some collisions I've managed to keep 10th place. I've spent few laps behind Nikodem whom I've been trying to overtake. In the meantime some drivers were unlucky and went off track ahead which allowed me to move up. I only overtook a couple of cars and managed to finish 5th, which gave me best result overall.

ROS: Team orders used is showing that the team makes it clear that it takes it seriously. How is it to be No1 at DV1 TRITON Racing?

D.B.: It was a very quick exchange whether Wiktor will let me by or not :) We wanted that first place and grow the lead. There's no No1 - we're all equal and we're working as a team.

ROS:We're all interested what is your training regime. We can see you more often on PreQ servers. How many hours daily do you spend simracing training for the next race? Can you share some methodology you use as a team?

D.B.: Given that the races are so tightly together you have to spend at least 1 hour daily. We're creating setups together, sharing them and giving feedback. Same applies to racing line and driving style. PreQ results are not 100% representative of the drivers' potential. What really counts it to make the best lap during 20-minute long qualifying session and to do that you need to be solid and consistent. But most of all - race pace. Which you could've seen at the last race ;)

ROS: If i'd have $25 and have to bet for the series' winner I'd put my money on you :) If I'd ask you to bet on someone outside DV1 TRITON Racing, who would it be? Why? 

D.B.: I'd split between the two: Philippe Simard and Kamil Putoń. Both are our direct competitors. And both are diablo quick.

ROS: Esport is still rather niche and simracing is not quite recognised as part of esport. I wonder how your friends react when they find out you're one of the top sim drivers?

D.B.: Only a small portion of my friends know that I take part in races (I'm not bragging about it :D), but those who know are amazed and support me a lot!

ROS: That's great to hear! Thank you and good luck!

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