Some important information about blue flags


The blue flag topic may be treated differently by different racing series. Some treat them as a hint to inform a driver that there's a faster car approaching, other may impose that a slower driver must let faster ones go. Because blue flag topic was widely discussed recently between our drivers,  we decided that some clarification is needed.

At ROS, blue flag means that the slower driver MUST let faster driver through when it's safe to do so at the nearest convenience.

Apart from the obvious message it's important to read that blue flag is not an information, but a requirement. The "letting through" maneuvre doesn't have to occur immediately after a blue flag is shown and it has to be done in a safe manner.

Just so we were clear – you don't have to slow down to 0km/h or go into the grass to let the faster driver through, all you have to do is to slow down a bit at the end of a straight, free up the racing line, or take the turn wider, so you can leave the apex to the faster driver. As we know, the more corners, the more posibilities (or lack of them) that it makes it impossible to write all of them down here. There may be a situation, where a faster driver is catching up in a place where it is hard to let him through, and he has to be aware that he may loose some time. Remember that blue flag conditions is not a fight for a position, so both of the racers must be patient and wary of eachother.

It's time for some information regarding blue flag conditions:

When should i let the faster driver through?

You should do this at the most convenient moment. Don't wait until the faster driver will hold onto  your rear bumper and there's also no reason to let him through when overtaking driver is 5 seconds behind you. Probably optimal gap would be 1 second (depending on a track,  car or even skill of the drivers), sometimes it's better to let a driver through before a section of complicated corners. If you want to know the time difference between you and the driver behind you, you can use Kunos' app "Realtime".

So, how should I pick a place to let the faster driver through?

First of all, you should show your intention of letting the faster driver through. Both faster driver and slower driver should pick their line – if you see a leader closing in on you, and you feel like he is going to get you at the end of a straight – drive on a left or right side of a road, showing the faster driver that you cleared the way for him. Hold onto the taken line, until the maneuvre is finished, while leaving enough space for the faster driver.

Exceptional situations

When there is a fight between two or more people that, who are fractions of a second next to each other - in a good tone is to let the whole group through at once. We understand that this is not always possible, but it is worth considering as you are not involved in fighting yourself.

Sometimes you may be involved in the fight and suddenly someone from the top lands on your tail – in that case, you should let the faster driver through anyway. However, there are isolated cases where during the blue flag conditions there were position changes between the drivers. That's just racing, but we recommend caution, because the intentions may not be read correctly, and when there's more than two drivers - quite a lot may go wrong, especially in the topic of understanding each other.

In summary - just keep common sense both when choosing a place and how the maneuvre evolves. And the most important thing is to show your intentions clearly enough, that the other side understands what's going on.


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