Stirling Moss Tribute Open Race

START DATE 12.04.2020 RACE DAY Thursday


Maserati 250F 6 cylinder


40 min

16 Apr 21:00

Monza 1966 - Full Course


Just today the world of motor sport has experienced a tragic loss. Sir Stirling Moss has passed away. To honour this legendary driver, we have decided to host a race in remembrance of him.

Even though Stirling Moss never won the Formula 1 World Championship, he is still regarded as one of the greatest drivers of his generation and even in the entire history of the sport. According to many fans, Stirling Moss should have won the title at least once.

Stirling Moss was born on the 17th of September 1929 in London. He already had racing in his blood after his father Alfred Moss placed 16th at the 1924 Indianapolis 500. Stirling made his racing debut in 1948 and quickly climbed up the ranks. Thanks to his competitiveness and professionalism, he made his debut in the pinnacle of motor sport in 1951 with HWM. 

In 1954, Stirling ran a privately entered Maserati and secured a podium position at Spa. After being signed by Mercedes for 1955 Moss took his F1 maiden victory at Aintree. For the next two seasons he narrowly missed out the championship and was runner-up. Stirling came closest to winning the World Championship in 1958 where at the final race of the season he finished in front of Mike Hawthorn but missed out on the title by a single point. Over the next few years he continued to mark in the sport after finishing in the top 3 until 1961. 

A horrific accident at Goodwood which put him in a coma for a month ended his career in top-level motor sport in 1962.

Moss was not only successful in Formula 1 he also won the Le Mans 24 hours once as well as Sebring 12 hours twice. Beyond F1, he also won the Mille Miglia road race. Throughout his career in motorsport Stirling managed to win a total of 212 races including his 16 victories in F1.

His achievements did not go unnoticed, Stirling Moss received a knighthood in 2000 for his contribution to motor sport.

We’ve picked a classic combination of a Maserati 250F and Monza - a combination that gave Sir Stirling Moss a memorable win in front of Fangio, Collins and von Trips. 

Sign up, put at least 5 preq laps on the leaderboard so we can put you on the correct split. See you on track on Thursday!

  1. Event will be using Assetto Corsa on PC.
  2. The qualifying session will last 20 minutes.
  3. Drivers can form teams
    1. The team must consist of two players
  4. The race round will last 40 minutes.
  5. Race regulations
    1. A pit stop is not required.
    2. 6 track cuts are permitted. Another one will result in a drive-through penalty within three laps of the first offence above the limit.
  6. Server settings
    1. Vehicle - Maserati 250F 6-Cyl
    2. TC - Factory
    3. ABS - Factory
    4. Tyre blankets - Off
    5. Damage - 20%
    6. Fuel consumption - 100%
    7. Tyre wear - 100%

The regulations below are only an extension of the main ROS race regulations. In case when the season regulations and race regulations contain contradictory information the rule described in the season regulations applies.

Read the ROS race regulations


Score table

# gold platinum
1 12 50
2 11 45
3 10 40
4 9 38
5 8 36
6 7 34
7 6 32
8 5 30
9 4 28
10 3 26
11 2 25
12 1 24
13 0 23
14 0 22
15 0 21
16 0 20
17 0 19
18 0 18
19 0 17
20 0 16
21 0 15
22 0 14
23 0 13