Competizione 2019 Championship

START DATE 30.10.2019 RACE DAY Sunday


Lamborghini Huracàn GT3


Bentley Continental GT3 2018




Ferrari 488 GT3


Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 2018


Lexus RC F GT3


Mercedes-AMG GT3


Lamborghini Huracàn Evo


Audi R8 LMS Evo


AMR V8 Vantage


Honda NSX Evo


McLaren 720S GT3


Porsche 911 II GT3 R

Details with cooperation with have a pleasure to announce new Assetto Corsa Competizione league - Competizione 2019 Championship. Series is based on Assetto Corsa Competizione version 1.1 with 2019 DLC Update.

Calendar, rules and race weekends order are based on real Blancpain GT series.

List of available cars includes all 2019 season cars. Because of BOP it is not possible to select 2018-only season cars.

Series of 10 races includes Sprint (2x30min) and Endurance (60min/90min/120min) rounds:

  • R01 Monza Endurance
  • R02 Brands Hatch Sprint
  • R03 Silverstone Endurance
  • R04 Misano Sprint
  • R05 Paul Ricard Endurance
  • R06 Zandvoort Sprint
  • R07 Spa Endurance
  • R08 Nurburgring Sprint
  • R09 Barcelona Endurance
  • R10 Hungaroring Sprint

Both have different format and rules. Check details in regulations tab.


  • Two qualifying sessions 10min
  • Two races 30min
  • Pit stop is NOT mandatory
  • Score multiplier x1 (each race)


  • Single qualifying 15mins
  • Single race 60min/90min/120min (depends on the race weekend)
  • Mandatory pitstop
  • Score multiplier x2

All sessions during race weekend (apart from prequalifying) take place in random weather conditions!

Before each round there will be prequalifying session to split drivers to appropriate tiers (platinum/gold/etc.). Each tier can contain 24 drivers.

Read the regulations and singup!


60 min

10 Nov 21:00

Monza 2019


2x30 min

17 Nov 21:30

Brands Hatch 2019


60 min

01 Dec 21:00

Silverstone 2019


2x30 min

08 Dec 21:00

Misano 2019


90 min

22 Dec 21:00

Paul Ricard 2019


2x30 min

29 Dec 21:00

Zandvoort 2019


120 min

12 Jan 21:00

Spa 2019


2x30 min

19 Jan 21:00

Nurburgring 2019


60 min

02 Feb 21:00

Barcelona 2019


2x30 min

09 Feb 21:00



The organizer of Competizione GT World Challenge is Any comments on the series should be reported first to the organizers on the appropriate Discord channel. Republic Of Simracers is not responsible for any problems related to this series.


  • R01 10.11.2019 Mona Endurance 60min
  • R02 17.11.2019 Brands Hatch Sprint 2x30min
  • R03 01.12.2019 Silverstone Endurance 60min
  • R04 08.12.2019 Misano Sprint 2x30min
  • R05 22.12.2019 PaulRicard Endurance 90min
  • R06 29.12.2019 Tandoori Sprint 2x30min
  • R07 12.01.2020 Spa Endurance 120min
  • R08 19.01.2020 Nurturing Sprint 2x30min
  • R09 02.02.2020 Barcelona Endurance 60min
  • R10 09.02.2020 Hungaroring Sprint 2x30min

Round table is based on real Blancpain GT calendar. In some cases we decided to change the round order.


Everyone can join our league, but still you need to meet our requirements 50 SA, 3 track medals, 10 clean laps in prequalifying session!


All cars from 2019 BlancpainGT are available. It is not possible to select 2018-only season cars (such as Jag or Gallardo).
You can change your car only before R01. It's allowed to change the car during prequalifying to R01.

Session settings:


Free Practice 20:00
Qualifying 1 20:30
Qualifying 2 20:45
Race 1 21:00
Race 2 21:30

pitstop: optional, refueling NOT allowed
time multiplierx2


Free Practice 20:00
Qualifying 20:30
Race 20:50

pitstop: mandatory, refueling mandatory, optional changing tires
time multiplier: depends on the race weekend (each session will start and end based on the time of real calendar)
score multiplier: x2


Points-table shown below is obligatory for single Sprint race. During Endurance race points are doubled. Finally during the one race weekend (round) you can score same amount of points (Sprint R1 + Sprint R2 = Enrurance R).

Time of the day on the server is based on real Blancpain GT series calendar.
All sessions take place in random weather conditions.

Please note that R02 17.11.2019 Brands Hatch will be postponed by 30 minutes because of Brazilian GP taking place at the same day.


Game allows to create your own skin without league administration involvement. So please treat donation as voluntary website informs that you need to donate as at least with 1.5 EUR to race with your own skin.


1. Creating and joining teams is possible only for and ROS donators.
2. Joining the team is not mandatory.
3. Team members have to use the same car and some car skin with changed side number.
4. Each team can have only two team members.

Other rules:

1. You can report and incident within 72h after the race is finished with form on the website. Reports have to base on standard replay for everyone (it is shared on website).
2. It's forbidden to use "back to garage" during the race or qualifying. If you use it, you will be disqualified form session results. In qualifying you can use this option only if you are in pit lane near your pitbox.
3. Departure for the qualifying session takes place with respect to the preceding car, you should leave yourself and the predecessor a place for free driving. Avoid overtaking during the qualifying session, especially on the outlap. Overtaking on the exit lap when the predecessor slowed down to make room for himself may result in a penalty.
4. Overtaking during the formation lap is prohibited. In case that any driver does not start on time in the formation lap, the competitors behind him may bypass him. This driver may not request to give back his position and should drive in a given position in accordance with the formation.
5. Final classification (driver standings) includes 9 out of 10 round results. Your weakest result (no presence as well) is not counted.
6. It's recommended that during qualifications and race driver should be present on proper Discord channel. Communication is allowed during FP sessions and breaks between sessions, but in qualifying and race should be limited to minimum.
7. Players with ping 150 or higher or unstable network connection can be removed from league server.
8. These regulations is an explication of general racing regulation available HERE.

Score table

# gold platinum
1 190 300
2 170 280
3 158 268
4 150 260
5 142 252
6 134 244
7 126 236
8 122 232
9 118 228
10 114 224
11 110 220
12 106 216
13 102 212
14 98 208
15 92 204
16 90 200
17 86 196
18 82 192
19 78 188
20 74 184
21 70 180
22 68 178
23 66 176
24 64 174
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