WUT Racing

START DATE 01.04.2021 RACE DAY Saturday


Praga R1


Science Club WUT Racing is pleased to announce the first Assetto Corsa student racing league.

The WUT e-Racing Cup is an e-sports league organized by the Science Club WUT Racing in cooperation with the Republic of Simracers. The league is intended for students who also follow the WUT Racing fanpage on Facebook.

The car for this season is Prague R1 of Czech production. Built with the racetrack in mind, it has the characteristics of a small LMP car. Due to the high aerodynamic downforce and low weight of 585 kg, it will be a real challenge for the competitors, even despite the low power of 210 bhp and 220 Nm.

Training for participants of the event will take place for a week between the laps in the form of prequalification (preq), as well as at 19.00 on the day of the race. At the same time, each driver, in order to be able to start, will be required to drive 10 measuring circles in the preq time.

The event will take place on 3 different tracks:
R1 – 10/04/2021 – Brands Hatch GP
R2 – 17/04/2021 – Mugello
R3 – 24/04/2021 – Silverstone GP / Monza / Nurburgring GP

The last track, where drivers will compete for the title, will depend on your votes!

Each round will start with a qualifying session of 15 minutes followed by two races of 25 minutes each. For the second race, the drivers from the Top 10 will line up in the reverse order of the results of the main race.
Race point classification will be set before R1

To be able to join the league, you must have an active student status and follow our Facebook profile.

DLC TRIPL3 PACK and Dream Pack 3 are required to start.

We are sure that it will be an exciting three weeks for both players and spectators!

You can only see 2 races in the system, but don't worry, a third will be coming in due time!


2x25 min

10 Apr 20:00

Brands Hatch - GP


2x25 min

17 Apr 20:00



2x25 min

24 Apr 20:00

Silverstone GP

The WUT e-Racing Cup season will use the Assetto Corsa game for PC.
The season is organized by Republic Of Simracers, a registered company in United Kingdom, owned by Andrzej Wasielewski.
Duration of the tournament
Registration for the WUT e-Racing Cup season starts on 03/04/2021 (which is the start of the Season) and ends with the race on 24/04/2021.
The season is open to students who own the game Assetto Corsa on Steam along with the DLC add-ons TRIPL3 PACK and Dream Pack 3 (included in the Ultimate version) and register using the form provided in the event and the ROS website.
Signing up for the WUT e-Racing Cup constitutes acceptance of the privacy policy and these Season Rules.

Method of announcing the winners

The winner of the season is the person who after summing up all the rounds and deducting all the penalties (including the last race) will have the highest sum of points.
In case of point tie, the driver with higher position in last race wins.

Qualification and race

Each round will consist of qualification and two races.
Qualification session will be held just before the races and will last 15 minutes. The length of each race is 25 minutes + completion of the lap started by the leader before the time limit expires. The qualification results will determine the starting positions for the first race. Starting positions for the second race will be determined by the final results of the first race, including Top10 in reverse order. Maximum 52 drivers can participate in each round divided into 2 servers according to pre-qualification results.

Vehicles of the season

Vehicle of the season:
- Prague R1

Server settings
Server settings
TC - Factory
ABS - Factory
SC - Off
Heating blankets - YES
Damage - 70%
Fuel Consumption - 150%
Tire wear - 250%


5 track cuts are allowed. A consecutive one will result in a drive-thru penalty within three laps of the first offence over the limit.
To track number of cuts we recommend KMR application available at ACEM.
The amount of penalty is determined by the panel of judges and approved by the head of judges based on individual analysis of the incident and its consequences.

Final provisions

The Administrator assures the right to share the materials containing from the event, among others: broadcast, photos, screenshots in social media, internet, press, television or other media. These materials may include the driver's data used publicly during the event.
Scoring will be given after the end of prequalification for R1.
Each competitor can use his own skin.
Skins must contain logos of ROS, WUT Racing and starting number available at the link
Drivers can form teams. Team can consist of maximum 2 drivers
Only students with valid student status who follow WUT Racing fanpage on Facebook can participate in the league.

The season regulations have been approved on 01.04.2021 by the season founder and organizer.
These Season Rules are an extension of the Racing Rules. All rules described in the Racing Rules apply. In the event that the Season Rules and the Racing Rules contain conflicting information, the rule described in the Season Rules shall apply.

Read ROS Racing Regulations

Score table - Race 1

# gold platinum
1 40 100
2 35 90
3 31 85
4 28 80
5 26 78
6 24 76
7 22 72
8 20 70
9 18 68
10 17 67
11 16 66
12 15 65
13 14 64
14 13 63
15 12 62
16 11 61
17 10 60
18 9 59
19 8 58
20 7 57
21 6 56
22 5 55
23 4 54
24 3 53
25 2 52
26 1 51

Score table - Race 2

# gold platinum
1 45 80
2 38 73
3 33 68
4 29 64
5 27 62
6 25 60
7 23 58
8 21 56
9 19 54
10 17 52
11 16 51
12 15 50
13 14 49
14 13 48
15 12 47
16 11 46
17 10 45
18 9 44
19 8 43
20 7 42
21 6 41
22 5 40
23 4 39
24 3 38
25 2 37
26 1 36