Polish Esport Cup 2020 Season 2 Round 3

START DATE 16.11.2020 RACE DAY Tuesday


Lotus Evora GX


March 2020 brought us a number of #stayathome events, July a successful series of Polish Esport Cup 2020. We invite you to continue these events with second season of Polish Esport Cup.

The main promoter of the event is ACTINA PACT. As an esport team we have been on the simracing field for many years, and the drivers of our simracing division are fighting side by side with the very best. We want to promote simracing even more and that is why we are approaching the Polish Esport Cup Season 2 series with an exciting sporting struggle.

In Season 2 of Polish Esport Cup 2020 you will not choose cars. In the prequalifications you will fight for the best possible time behind the wheel of the Lotus Exora GX car on the tracks that will be published after the previous round. In the races themselves, you will compete in cars that will be made available one hour before the start of the race on the Gold server, i.e. at 6pm CEST on the race day.

Together with the drivers we will appear on five fantastic tracks, but on which you will find out exactly at the start of the prequalification for a certain race:

R1 - 18/11/2020
R2 - 20/11/2020
R3 - 23/11/2020
R4 - 27/11/2020
R5 - 29/11/2020

You will only need Assetto Corsa on PC and five DLC: Red Pack DLC, Dream Pack #2, Dream Pack #3, Ready To Race and Porsche Pack #3, because from the cars in these extensions we will draw the car in which you will compete in each race.

The season is fully free. When it comes to car painting, there will be one fixed skin on each race where all event partners will be visible.


60 min

18 Nov 19:20

Autodrom Most


60 min

20 Nov 19:20



60 min

23 Nov 19:20

Lausitz Ring DTM


60 min

27 Nov 19:20

Laguna Seca


60 min

29 Nov 19:20




  1. The Polish Esport Cup 2020 season will use Assetto Corsa for PC.
  2. The main organizer is Actina PACT.
  3. The technical organizer on the Assetto Corsa platform is Republic Of Simracers, registered as a company in Great Britain, owned by Andrzej Wasielewski.

Duration of the tournament

  1. Registration for the Polish Esport Cup 2020 season begins on 18/11/2020 (which is tantamount to the start of the Season) and ends with the race 29/11/2020.
  2. People who have Assetto Corsa on Steam and register on the ROS website can participate in the season.
  3. By subscribing to the Polish Esport Cup 2020, you accept the privacy policy and these Season Regulations.

The manner of announcing the winners

  1. The winner of the season is the person who, after summing up all rounds and deducting all penalties (including the last race), will have the highest total of points.
  2. In the event of a point tie, the driver with the higher position in the last race wins.


  1. The sponsor of the awards is Pact
  2. The prizes are awarded to the three best competitors in the individual classification of the Season. The prize breakdown is as follows:
- First place: PLN 1,000 cash prize
- Second place: PLN 500 cash prize
- Third place: PLN 250 cash prize
- Fourth place: PLN 250 cash prize

Qualifying and the race

  1. The qualifying session will last 20 minutes and the qualifying results will determine the starting positions for the race.
  2. The race round will last 60 minutes. Points will be counted separately for each race.
  3. Pitstop is required
  4. Qualifying for races on all servers, except the Platinum server, will start at 19:00.
  5. Qualifying for the race on the Platinum server will start at 20:40.

Season vehicles

  1. The vehicle used in pre-qualification will be the Lotus Evora GX. Vehicles used in races will be released one hour prior to the start of qualifying for Gold servers and below.

Server settings

  1. Server settings
TC - Factory
ABS - Factory
SC - Off
Damage - 80%
Fuel consumption - 170%
Tire wear - 125%
  1. During the race, the start is stopped.


  1. 6 track cuts are allowed. The next one requires a drive-thru penalty within three laps of the first violation of the limit. To track the number of cuts, we recommend the KMR application available in ACEM.
  1. The amount of the penalty is determined by the judges and approved by the head of judges on the basis of an individual analysis of the incident and its consequences.

Final Provisions

  1. The administrator reserves the right to add "special guests" (maximum 2 people) to the starting lists, who will race against each other in a separately scored class. Any rules regarding flags and doubling apply as normal.
  2. The administrator ensures the right to share materials containing from a given event, including: transmission, photos, screenshots in social media, the Internet, press, television or other media. These materials may contain data of the driver that he used publicly during the event.
  3. Scores will be announced upon completion of prequalification for R1.
  4. The race with the lowest score will not count towards the final classification.

The season regulations were approved on 16/11/2020 by the founder and organizer of the season.

These Season Regulations are an extension of the Racing Regulations. All rules described in the Racing Regulations apply. In the event that the Season Regulations and the Races Regulations contain contradictory information, the rule described in the Season Regulations shall apply.

Przeczytaj Regulamin Wyścigów ROS

Score table

# silver gold platinum
1 188 214 274
2 185 211 256
3 183 209 251
4 181 207 247
5 179 205 242
6 177 203 238
7 176 202 235
8 175 201 231
9 174 200 228
10 173 199 225
11 172 198 224
12 171 197 223
13 170 196 222
14 169 195 221
15 168 194 220
16 167 193 219
17 166 192 218
18 165 191 217
19 164 190 216
20 163 189 215
21 162 188 214
22 161 187 213
23 160 186 212
24 159 185 211
25 158 184 210
26 155 183 209
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