1. Registration rules
    1. Before the race, at a time determined by the Administration, a pre-qualification will be held to determine the starting servers for teams based on their pre-qualification times.
      Pre-Qualification start date and time for each race will be published on a dedicated event page on the ROS website.
    2. Pre-Qualification start date and time for each race will be published on a dedicated event page on the ROS website.
    3. Current pre-qualification results and estimated allocation to the appropriate server will be displayed on the ROS website.
    4. Pre-Qualifications will finish according to the time displayed on the ROS website (usually 23:59.59 CET/CEST on the day before the race). Times after this time will not be counted into the Pre-Qualification results table.
    5. Any team which will do minimum 1 lap with their car of choice in the pre-qualification can participate in the race, SA and track medals required for PREQ will be the same for the race.
    6. Team pre-qualification time is calculated from the average of all drivers
    7. Team must consist of minimum two drivers.
    8. The vehicle is chosen by the team founder
    9. Attendance is marked by the team founder

  2. Driving Rules
    1. General
      1. Track limits during each session are determined by a system built in the game
      2. Organizer provides two possibilities to determine the grid
        1. By qualification before the race
        2. By pre-qualification results
    2. Qualification
      1. PIT limiter is required during the PIT
    3. Pre-qualification
      1. During pre-qualifying, persons on the exit or exit lap are required to give way to persons on the measurement lap. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a penalty. It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide the required records in the form of a replay of the incident.
    4. Race
      1. Using 'Back to pits' and continuing to drive is permitted.

  3. Penalties
    1. Penalties during endurance races will be given during the race session. The stewards may assess the incident as follows:
      • A warning (3 warnings mean a DT penalty)
      • Drive Trough
      • Stop&Go 10
      • Stop&Go 20
      • Stop&Go 30
      • 5s Penalty
      • 15s Penalty
      • DQ
      • RI
      • NFA
    2. Reporting incidents
      1. Incidents can be reported via the incident reporting form.
      2. Stewards will post penalties on the appropriate Discord channel. The team will have 20 minutes to appeal the penalty, after that time the penalty will be given on the server. (Appealing must be done on the appropriate Discord channel)
      3. Stewards will not give penalties 20min before the end of the race, these will be added to the final results.



These rules are an extension to the Racing Rules. All rules described in the Racing Regulations are valid. In case the Assetto Corsa Competizione Endurance Regulations and the Racing Regulations contain contradictory information, the rule described in the Season Rules apply.

These regulations were approved on 31.03.2021 by the founder.