Post-race interview with Tomasz Siwek


An interview with the winner of round four of the Open Series.

ROS: Congrats on your win at Brands Hatch. Many drivers have complained that the Porsche is completely unsuitable for this track, what was the preparation and driving like for you?
Thanks! A Porsche is not an easy car to drive and combined with the bumpy nature of Brands Hatch it was quite a challenge for everyone. As usual, my preparations consisted of mastering the optimal driving line and learning the car's limits.

ROS: There's no denying that SRT was on your tail, what was the battle like for you?
My rival kept me busy and it felt like the race lasted much longer than an hour. I had a feeling that SRT had better pace and would have a direct fight sooner or later, but I was able to minimize my mistakes and they couldn't find an opportunity to effectively attack me.

ROS: There are two races ahead, are you feeling comfortable at Road America and RBR? What are your expectations?
Familiarity with the tracks won't be a problem but you'll have to see what the Porsche will allow you to do, the long straights may herald easier overtaking. Anything can happen during the race but I'm hoping for a high result. It would be nice to repeat my victory!

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Post-race interview with Tomasz Siwek

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